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Quant Econ by Thomas J. Sargent and John Stachurski

QuantEcon is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving economic modeling by enhancing computational tools for economists.

Activities include:

- developing and facilitating the development of open source software for economic modeling, and
- building open, collaborative platforms for sharing, discussing and documenting open source software


This course studies the core optimization concepts underlying econometric estimation and inference.  The objective is to both develop a deep understanding of how estimators are computed, and to get a better theoretical and geometrical understanding of classical econometric estimators through the prism of optimization theory.

Optimization-Conscious Econometrics by Guillaume Allaire Pouliot


Data science for economists by

Grant McDermott

This seminar is targeted at economics PhD students and will introduce you to the modern data science toolkit. While some material will likely overlap with your other quantitative and empirical methods courses, this is not just another econometrics course. Rather, my goal is bring you up to speed on the practical tools and techniques that I feel will most benefit your dissertation work and future research career. 

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