Course Materials

The math+econ+code masterclasses are taught on Jupyter notebooks, which allow for a mix of slides and code. All the code is open-source, publicly accessible. If you use some of the course material for your own work, please cite in one of the following manners (depending on which course):

  • A Galichon, 'math+econ+code' masterclass on equilibrium transport and matching models in economics. June 2021.

  • A. Galichon, 'math+econ+code' masterclass on optimal transport and economic applications. January 2021.

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Optimal Transport Methods in Economics

Optimal Transport Methods in Economics is the first textbook on the subject written especially for students and researchers in economics. Optimal transport theory is used widely to solve problems in mathematics and some areas of the sciences, but it can also be used to understand a range of problems in applied economics, such as the matching between job seekers and jobs, the determinants of real estate prices, and the formation of matrimonial unions. Applications include discrete choice models, models of differential demand, and quantile-based statistical estimation methods, as well as asset pricing models.